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Safety, Health and Environment Policy

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Quality Policy

ERA Technology’s quality policy is based on our core principle to deliver outstanding results for our customers. We aim to achieve this by understanding and delivering what customers really need at a price that represents value for money.

We work on projects with a good profit level to assure a long-term relationship with our customers and partners. We continue to look for new and improved ways to do things. We approach all relationships with a win-win attitude and we believe that mutually open, honest and timely communications build trust, which is essential for a long-term relationship.

ERA Technology Ltd operates a Quality Management System that is registered by BSI as complying with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 (registration number FM 572824). The company maintains other Quality Management System Accreditations and Certifications that are linked either to a specific market, technology or customer.

Our Quality Management System is defined in general terms by a Quality Manual and in detail by our Business Management System (BMS). This, and other relevant material, is provided to all ERA Technology staff in on-line format. The BMS is implemented so as to meet the specific contractual and technical requirements of each individual project.

The Quality Policy has the full support of the Directors. The directors believe that the BMS is one of the core tools to be used in developing the business.

The QHSE Manager is responsible to the Managing Director for defining the BMS, maintaining it and, when needed, for continually improving the process and standards. The QHSE Manager is also responsible for identifying quality problems and initiating effective solutions. Responsibility for the control of quality to meet individual customers’ requirements is placed on Project Managers.

The effective implementation of this policy is monitored via regular management review meetings, supported by a programme of Internal Quality Audits, analyses of non-conformances and customer feedback, both complaints and compliments plus the identification, collection and analysis of appropriate effectiveness metrics.


ERA’s Quality Approvals

UKAS 4717         

ISO 14001 Mark (2)   iip


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