Meet the people who make it happen …

From fresh graduates to seasoned industry professionals, there’s a place for everyone at ERA Technology. What’s important is that we share our experience, ideas and knowledge in an open and collaborative environment. That way we all learn, develop and grow.

ERA Technology people aren’t just good. In fact, we’re exceptional. We just don’t tend to shout about it. In the past few years the business has changed a great deal and we have welcomed new people into the ERA family through acquisition. We’re proud of the achievements of our brilliant team of people who always rise to meet the challenge.

We are proud to introduce some of our talents:


Agnes Nakyobe
Agnes – EMC Engineer
Alba – Graduate Materials Engineer
Andrew – Graduate Power Systems Engineer
Ben Hickman  11-05-12
Ben – Electrical Engineer
Chris Bull
Chris – Business Development
Claire Malpas 1
Claire – Senior Mechanical Engineer
Joe – Graduate Electrical Engineer
 Marco Scourtis
Marco – Metallurgist
Robert – Principal Consultant
Shaun – Graduate Electrical Engineer
Steve – Managing Director
Tom – Graduate Mechanical Engineer

 Mike  – Aerospace and EMC Consultant


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